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How to Use

Using Lycamobile is simple. Just click below to learn more.

Get Started

You can get started with Lycamobile by following these easy steps:
Insert your Lycamobile SIM card into your mobile and switch it on.
Register your SIM online at and enjoy extra privileges.
Top-up your Lycamobile.
You can now make and receive calls from your Lycamobile.
If your SIM does not work when you first place it into your mobile, it may have a SIM lock. If you have been with your current provider for more than 1 year this lock can be removed for free, please contact your current provider directly to request the code which will allow you to remove your SIM lock.

If you have had your handset for less than one year you should ask your handset provider how much it will cost to remove the SIM lock.


You can Top-up your Lycamobile using Lycamobile Top-up Vouchers You can buy Lycamobile top-up vouchers online at or from your local retailer. The voucher will show a PIN either printed on it or underneath a scratch panel. Enter *122*PIN#, press send, or. Dial 1222 from your Lycamobile and follow the instructions. Topping-up online is the most convenient way to top-up your Lycamobile. Register your Lycamobile SIM online at Top-up your mobile instantly online using a debit or credit card. To top-up your balance while you are abroad: Dial +389 79 12 22 and follow the instructions

Check Your Balance

To check your balance using your Lycamobile in Macedonia, either:
Enter *122# press send and your balance will be shown on your mobile screen or.
Dial 1222 and listen to your balance.
To check your balance while you are abroad:
Dial +389 79 12 22 and follow the instructions.

Using Your Voicemail

Using Voicemail from your Lycamobile
Listen to messages left for you.
Record a personalised welcome message.
Select your preferred language.
To access your voicemail from your Lycamobile in Macedonia.
Dial 1211.
To access your voicemail from abroad.
Dial +389 79 12 11 and follow the instructions.

Choose Your Own Language

You can select the language to be used for Lycamobile Voicemail and Top-up.
To select your preferred language simply:
Dial 1222.
Select the ‘Settings’ menu.
Select the ‘Change Language’ option.
Select your preferred language.

Transfer your existing mobile Number to Lycamobile

To transfer your existing mobile number to Lycamobile network, simply visit your nearest Lycamobile point of sale to sign the request.

View your Lycamobile number

You can view your Lycamobile number on your mobile screen. To have your Lycamobile number displayed:
Enter *132#.

Roaming - Use your Lycamobile abroad

You can use your Lycamobile to make and receive calls and SMS in a large number of other countries. For information on countries where you can make and receive calls and SMS and current charges please visit

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