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Lyca Max

Lyca Max


499 MKD

30 Days

Unlimited National Calls

Unlimited National SMS

30GB (1GB per day)

Unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls

Unlimited Lyca to Lyca SMS

Balkan Roaming

Personal Hotspot

Price 499 MKD: Plan is capped to 1GB per day per 30 Days.

Offer valid from 08.04.2021

New customers/ Existing customers: to activate from your phone Dial *139*1040# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 1040 to 3535. To purchase online click BUY NOW.

This bundle includes Western Balkan countries – WB6 data roaming allowance of 2.00GB when this allowance finishes rates will apply at 5.9MKD/MB.

“Get Unlimited FREE calls to Lyca Mobile numbers in Europe/USA/Australia/South Africa/Tunisia when you buy this bundle. All unused FREE minutes will expire 30 days from bundle activation date. Offer subject to change. Offer valid from 04/10/2021.”

Existing customers / New customers: Dial *139*1040# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 1040 to 3535

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